Terminally ill prisoner hopes to 'pave the way' for others, brother says

Stuff co.nz 3 November 2016
A boxer fighting for his terminally ill sister to be released from prison says the family hopes to “pave the way” for others in similar situations.
Vicky Letele, 35, was sentenced in March to three years and two months imprisonment on 10 counts of mortgage fraud.
She is battling metastatic cancer and has been given about five months to live, but will not be eligible for parole until April 2017.
The Parole Board has declined an application for release on compassionate grounds, saying that would not be appropriate until Letele was ill enough to require hospice care.
“The circumstances may alter and further application for compassionate release may be made at that time.”
Family First national director Bob McCoskrie has voiced his support for the family, saying that Vicki Letele should be able to spend her final weeks or months at home.
“So-called ‘adequate care’ in prison does not equate to time spent with children and family and friends in those final days and weeks,” he said.
“This would not set a precedent to be abused because these are exceptional circumstances.
“We should always have the greatest compassion for those facing death and offer them the very best support and care we can – irrespective of their current status and of their past.”
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