Anti-social media? Study links loneliness, social media

Radio NZ 6 November 2016
Family First Comment: No real surprise, is it.
A study has found the people who spend the most time on social media are also the most lonely.
The Australian Psychological Society survey found two-thirds of women and half of men use social media several times a day.
However, those who used social media the most were also the most lonely and experienced more negative emotions.
People over 65 tended to have the highest rate of wellbeing, while those aged between 25 and 34 reported the lowest rate and being more lonely.
Associate Professor Erica Frydenberg of the University of Melbourne said there was good and bad in social media.
She said for example it could help people in rural communities overcome loneliness.
The survey showed the biggest health issue for many was their sleep pattern – only one in five said they regularly got a good night’s sleep.,-social-media

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