UPDATE: The Next PM & Deputy PM and their Voting Records

Bill English has all but been confirmed as our next Prime Minister (and with a pretty good marriage & family issues voting record – see below). He has also indicated his opposition to euthanasia, and is well-recognised as being pro-life. We believe he would never have ‘whipped’ his MPs to vote for the anti-smacking law if he had been leader at the time.

The focus is now on who will be our new Deputy Prime Minister next week. And where do they stand on marriage and other key family issues.

Simon Bridges is the new candidate to add to the Deputy nominations, so we’ve updated our information which we sent earlier this week to reflect his voting record alongside the other candidates. As you will see, Bridges is the only candidate for Deputy that voted against the redefinition of marriage to allow for same-sex couples.

We will be inviting Bill English to our Forum on the Family next year to find out more about his family values (along with the other major party leaders).

(click on image above to download PDF)
We’ve picked some of the key family issues but there are many more that you may be interested in. You can see their full voting record by clicking on their name
Prime Minister
Deputy Prime Minister – Candidates

For a full explanation of the laws voted on, DOWNLOAD our VALUE YOUR VOTE 2014 pamphlet which details them all.

Our Value Your Vote resource will be updated ready to go for the General Election next year. Stay tuned!

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