Man allegedly filmed girl trying on clothes at a South Auckland shop

NZ Herald 13 December 2016
Family First Comment: If NZ follows the Target policy (US) of allowing men in to girls changing rooms if that’s how they ‘gender’ identify, then what we see in this case will happen more and more – because you can’t deny a person their rights, can we!
This is why we will fight it. 
Police are hunting a man who was reportedly caught filming a 14-year-old in a changing room, with his cellphone, at a South Auckland shop.
The incident happened late last month, on November 28, at a retail store on Great South Rd in Papakura.
Police said the man was spotted by one of the store’s staff members following a teenage girl into a changing area, after walking around in the shop’s women’s lingerie section for some time.
The staffer became concerned and followed him into the changing area – where the man was caught holding a cellphone under the door of a changing cubical, where the teenager was changing inside.
After being confronted, the man left the store.
Detective Senior Sergeant Mal Hassall said the incident was disturbing, given the man was aware the girl’s mother and shop staff were near.

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