Offensive Wicked Campers 'disappear' following censor ban

Stuff 20 January 2017
Family First Comment: To those who say we should just be quiet because we’re simply giving them profile, we say – for evil to succeed, it just takes good people to do or say nothing. Here’s the proof.
Wicked Campers became known as a brash, unapologetic company that built its reputation on offensive slogans plastered across its vehicles.
But almost a year on from a nationwide furore that saw the Chief Censor ban a handful of its vans from the road, the feeling is that the company has been somewhat tamed.
“They are not like they used to be 12 months ago,” said Golden Bay’s Pohara Campground assistant manager Leigh Johnson. “It think they have toned it down.”
Last year, three of Wicked Campers’ most offensive vehicles were banned from New Zealand’s roads, following a landmark ruling from the Classification Office. It was the first time the office had made a decision about a vehicle.
It meant that the vans were banned from public places in New Zealand and Wicked could face a fine of up to $200,000 per offence if it continued to use them.
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