Pornography not an 'overwhelming problem' for NZ's young – PM

NewsTalk ZB 9 March 2017
Family First Comment: “Earth to Bill. Earth to Bill. Hello?”
The Prime Minister doesn’t see pornography as being a significant problem for our young.
Auckland Grammar has introduced a healthy relationships programme, tackling the sticky topics of online pornography and consent.
The school started the programme last year, involving seminars for both teachers and parents, as well as their pupils.
The news follows revelations this week that boys from Wellington College were posting inappropriate comments about women on a secret Facebook page.
An investigation has been launched, and Rape Crisis and other agencies were called in to the school to educate pupils on healthy relationships and consent, after the posts were exposed.
The morally conservative Prime Minister Bill English was asked questions about the issue today. He said schools and families are the appropriate people to deal with the issue.
“Well look, it’s not an easy problem for people to speak about or to see,” he said.
“We don’t see evidence of it being a fast-growing or overwhelming problem. Clearly there’s been a big increase in access to pornography through the internet.”
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