Christchurch residents fed up with sex workers on the streets

NZ Herald 6 April 2017
Family First Comment: You have to feel sorry for the poor families living in this area. And anger towards a flawed law which the politicians refuse to admit needs fixing.
Disgruntled Christchurch residents are desperate to have streetside sex workers moved back into the CBD.
A Manchester St resident has kept a log of sex workers’ activity outside his home and will present it to the city council on Thursday.
Matt Bonis said residents have tried everything to move the workers from the residential end, Bealey Ave towards Purchas St, of the Manchester St to the city end.
He said they have worked with city council, New Zealand Prostitutes Collective and police.
He with other residents, along with solicitor and Labour candidate for Christchurch Central Duncan Webb, will present a slide show to the city council detailing the rubbish, abuse, complaints and threats they have received.
Sex workers in the residential end has been a problem since the February 22, 2011 earthquake.
Prostitutes continue to plague Christchurch residents
Stuff 6 April 2017
A Christchurch man has pleaded with the city council to stop prostitutes working in residential areas.
For six years, residents living close to the corner of Manchester and Purchas streets in St Albans have been subjected to prostitutes working outside, and sometimes even inside, their front gates.
Residents have had to clean up faeces, used condoms, needles and used wet wipes posted in their letterboxes. Their children have been woken up by prostitutes yelling and singing to each other and arguing with clients over prices.
Matt Bonis has had enough.
“This keeps our kids awake night after night. We used to call the police and they were good, but now they don’t bother sending anybody,” he told the council at its meeting on Thursday.


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