MP’s Should Apologise to Christchurch Families Affected By Street Prostitution

Media Release 6 April 2017
Family First NZ is concerned that some Christchurch families are not only dealing with the problems of earthquakes and rebuilds but are now dealing with street prostitution which has shifted from the CBD to residential areas.

“There have been ongoing concerns about the negative effects of street prostitution and the associated conduct in the South Auckland area and Christchurch, and the local councils have been powerless to act. But families shouldn’t be the victims of weak lawmaking,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

“The negative effects of street prostitution include increased littering of offensive material, noise and nuisance, offensive behaviour, traffic issues at night, a reduced sense of public safety, and a decline in property values.”

“It is a national disgrace that we are exposing our children and families to that level of risk. And for Christchurch families to have to deal with this problem while dealing with the trauma of recent events is completely unacceptable.”

“The political parties who rejected the recent attempts to ban street prostitution need to explain to these Christchurch families why their safety and wellbeing aren’t that important,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“Communities throughout NZ are not accepting the liberalised and harmful prostitution laws.”

“The decriminalisation of prostitution has been a community disaster harming families, businesses, and the welfare of workers caught in the industry. Cities throughout NZ have been trying to deal with the ‘hospital pass’ given by the politicians when they passed this law.”

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