Retail workers say opening on Easter Sunday robs them of a break

Stuff 11 April 2017
Some shop workers are upset that changes to the Easter trading laws this year mean many of them will lose one of their few guaranteed days off in the year.
In some areas, shops will be closed as usual on Easter Sunday because their council has decided against it, or not yet decided on the matter.
But 25 councils have given individual shop owners the option to open or not, enabled by law changes last November.
While shoppers might find this confusing, some retail workers are equally unsettled.
Yvonne and Allan Pope in Motueka are both in retail and struggle to get a full weekend together.
Yvonne’s work includes Sunday, and Allan works a full week. He used to work half of Saturdays too “but I’m 69”.
While they now have Saturdays together, they have always looked forward to the compulsory break that Easter Sunday gave them.
Retailers baffled by Easter trading laws
NZ Herald 11 April 2017
The “tangled web of confusion” that are New Zealand’s Easter trading laws are proving a headache for shop owners, a retail expert says.
A recent law change gave local councils the authority to permit Easter Sunday trading and 25 mostly smaller councils have so far taken up the option.
Five councils have continued with the the ban while all major centres are yet to reach decisions. Shops which open in the restricted areas risk a prosecution and $1000 fine.
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