New mental health study reveals high suicide rates in Pasifika youth

TVNZ One News 29 April 2017
Mental health workers are concerned over a new mental health study which reveals the disturbingly high suicide rates of Pasifika youth.
Statistics revealed in the New Zealand Medical Journal today show Pacific youth are three times more likely to attempt suicide than European youth, which is unsurprising given another new study shows Pasifika, Maori and Asians are less likely to seek help and get diagnosed for depression.

Shaun Robinson from the Mental Health Foundation says they “desparately need leadership from the government” to lower suicide statistics.
“We need a new clear strategy on what we are going to do in this area,” Mr Robinson told 1 NEWS.
“That needs to include innovation, new ways of doing things because clearly the ways of doing things are not working for Maori, Pacific and many Asian people.”
Mental Health advocate, Mike King says certain ethnic groups don’t talk about depression because of stigma and the types of services available.


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