Fatherhood Is Not A Right For Prisoners

Media Release 4 May 2017
Family First NZ is rejecting a petition calling for prisoners to be able to donate sperm in order to be a father. 

‘’If prisoners want to repay their debt to society by donating blood and their organs, then they’re welcome to do that. But fatherhood is not a right – it’s a privilege based on the person’s ability and commitment to being an active and responsible dad for that child,’’ says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. 

‘’Anyone can be a father, but society wants all those men to be a committed active dad who can be a role model. Currently being in jail for a horrific violent offence removes that right and privilege. The welfare and best interests of the child should come first. Children deserve to know their dad and have them actively involved in their life and be assured their safety.’’


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