Prisoner's sperm donation petition

NewsHub 4 May 2017
Mr Seymour has come to the defence of Trevor Mallard, after the Labour MP presented a petition to Parliament from a convicted murderer wanting to donate sperm so he could father a child from behind bars.
Karl Teangiotau Nuku’s petition asks “that the House pass legislation providing prisoners with the opportunity to make seminal donations to registered agencies, so as to father a child”.
“He’s going to get beaten up for introducing this petition,” Mr Seymour told The AM Show.
“Can’t stand the guy myself, but Members of Parliament get petitions that they may not want to bring themselves – they may not believe in them, but I’ve done it myself.”
Mr Seymour said allowing a convicted murderer the opportunity to be a parent is not fair.
“If prisoners want to repay their debt to society by donating blood and their organs, then they’re welcome to do that,” Family First director Bob McCoskrie says.
“But fatherhood is not a right – it’s a privilege based on the person’s ability and commitment to being an active and responsible dad for that child.”

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