'We don't want them here' – residents appeal for sex workers in Christchurch suburb to be moved on

TVNZ One News 3 May 2017
Family First Comment: Perhaps the Prostitutes should operate from streets where MPs live. Then we might get some resolution on this issue!
A group of residents in Christchurch is demanding the council deal with the city’s sex workers who are basing themselves in the suburb of St Albans.
Many of Christchurch’s prostitutes were forced from the central city after the 2011 earthquakes cut off the CBD, but six years on many remain in the residential area at the northern end of Manchester Street.

Residents say the workers are highly disruptive and that the sex workers often leave rubbish all over their properties, including beer bottles, used condoms and faeces.
Some residents say they’ve found prostitutes servicing clients on their properties.
St Albans resident Matt Bonis says when it’s busy there’s often a prostitute on every corner outside his house, and his children have been woken often by the sex workers.

The residents have joined forces to take their issues to council, and say the council’s bylaw that restricts commercial activity in public places means the sex workers should be moved on.
READ MORE: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/we-dont-want-them-here-residents-appeal-sex-workers-in-christchurch-suburb-moved?auto=5419859001001
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