Global Drug Survey 2017: Legal status of dope reduces harm 24 May 2017
Nearly 3800 New Zealanders were among the 115,523 people worldwide who took part in the Global Drug Survey 2017. The results of this year’s survey are announced today. The average age of Kiwi respondents was 42, while 64.3 per cent were male, and 35.7 per cent were female.
So it’s important to note that this survey has significant limitations and is a self-selected survey. It is only an indicator.

Alcohol was New Zealanders’ drug of choice last year. More than a third of New Zealanders used cannabis, while numbers using other illegal drugs were in the single digits. (please don’t decriminalise P!)

Would you want these people operating machinery near you, or flying that plane, or driving towards you on an open highway?

and this graph shows the smokescreen of medicinal cannabis which is being used by proponents of dope as an excuse for full legalisation

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