EUTHANASIA – Are you ready for the debate? Here's the resources you need…

With the private member’s bill of ACT MP David Seymour being drawn, the topic of assisted suicide / euthanasia has well and truly been thrust into the national spotlight.
So here’s three resources to help you get your head around the issue.
We’ve launched a new website in response to this latest push for assisted suicide –
The site is updated daily with our media releases and articles & research sourced from both NZ and overseas. It’s also packed with information and resources and links to other great websites that will help you in this debate. There’s some great little video clips as well from various sources. Check it out!
By signing this pledge, you’ll be making a statement of declaration to promote ‘care, not killing’ – and to treat assisted suicide as a problem, not a solution.
Signatories to this pledge will be included as part of Family First’s submission against the proposed law IF it gets past the 1st Reading and goes to a Select Committee. It also enables us to keep you informed as to the progress of the issue.
The Pledge To Protect says:
“We, the undersigned, oppose any attempt to legalise Assisted Suicide / Euthanasia in New Zealand. We call for the provision of the highest quality palliative care to be made available to all New Zealanders.”
Not sure how to even start the discussion on this issue? What about those tricky questions? Our Briefing Paper has a quick summary of some of the key questions, including:

  • understanding the terms – what is euthanasia, and more importantly, what is not euthanasia?
  • how a ‘right to die’ can become a ‘duty to die’
  • why safeguards are an illusion
  • the clear evidence of a ‘slippery slope’
  • the concerns around elder abuse
  • the conflicting messages about suicide prevention when promoting assisted suicide
  • what do the medical professionals think?
  • how polls have confused and misrepresented the issue
  • what has the overseas experience shown us? (view some of the many disturbing recent examples)
  • what the real solution is

Thanks for speaking up. Euthanasia is not a solution, it’s a problem. As we said in our media release when David Seymour’s bill was first drawn, this bill raises massive concerns around issues of subjective definitions, risks to the elderly and vulnerable, and statements made around potential euthanasia for disabled persons.
One of the main reasons that politicians in NZ have rejected previous attempts to decriminalise euthanasia is that they realised that the safeguards, while sounding good, would not guarantee the protection required for vulnerable people including the disabled, elderly, depressed or anxious, and those who feel themselves to be a burden or are under financial pressure. The international evidence backs up these concerns, and explains why so few countries have made any changes to the law around this issue. We simply need to ensure a palliative care regime in NZ that is fully funded and world class. That’s where the politicians’ focus should be.
Let’s encourage the politicians to immediately and quickly ‘pull the plug’ on this flawed and dangerous bill.

Bob McCoskrie
National Director

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