Kiwi youth watching more sexual violence than ever, Classification Office report reveals

NZ Herald 4 July 2017
Family First Comment: Time for an Inquiry in to the health and societal harms of pornography! Kiwi youth are watching more sexual violence than ever before – and they’re learning from it.
A new report released today revealed what youth are watching was shaping their attitudes towards sex, relationships and sexual violence.
Chief Censor David Shanks said the research’s cohort of 48 young people described this reality as a “new normal” where virtually any content was available on their devices.
The youth, aged 13-18, were from a wide cross-section of backgrounds and included young survivors of sexual abuse and LGBTI young people.
The report found age restrictions were seen as more of a guide than actually being restrictive and there was not a great deal of parental engagement or supervision.

“My parents let me watch anything but say that it’s me who has to suffer the consequences afterwards,” one young female participant said.

“It is commonplace for them to view sexual violence in films and series, access porn, or see troubling content on social media,” Shanks said in the report.

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