Many Kiwi parents still consider smacking as acceptable

Stuff 4 July 2017
Family First Comment: No surprises. You can’t ban something that works.
Children’s Commissioner Andrew Becroft says there is no doubt the 2007 “anti-smacking” law change has worked to protect children.
His comments come after a report showing a third of Kiwi kids are still smacked by their parents.
Ten years on from the repeal of section 59 of the Crimes Act in 2007 – the “anti-smacking law” driven by MP Sue Bradford – which removed the defence of “reasonable force” for adults who smacked their children, a longitudinal study shows many parents still use physical discipline as a form of punishment.
The University of Auckland’s study Growing up in New Zealand has released its Now We Are Four report which reveals worrying statistics happening behind closed doors in New Zealand homes.
The report showed a third of mothers used smacking as a form of punishment and regularly shouted at their children. One in 10 parents said they frequently smacked their children.
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