Mother says doctor brought up assisted suicide option as sick daughter was within earshot

CBC News 25 July 2017
Family First Comment: Yet another disturbing case from Canada!

A St. Anthony, N.L., mother who claims she was told by a doctor that assisted suicide was an option for her adult daughter says she wants an apology from Labrador-Grenfell Health, in part because the 25-year-old could hear the conversation.
Sheila Elson’s 25-year-old daughter, Candice Lewis, has several medical conditions, including spina bifida, cerebral palsy and chronic seizure disorder.
During a hospital stay in St. Anthony last November, when Lewis was very sick, Elson said a doctor told her that her daughter was dying and that she had the option to end her life.
“His words were ‘assisted suicide death was legal in Canada,'” she told CBC. “I was shocked, and said, ‘Well, I’m not really interested,’ and he told me I was being selfish.”
According to Elson, Lewis was within earshot when the doctor made the comment — which she said was quite traumatic for her daughter to hear.
Pattern of mistreatment 
After talking with some social workers, Elson was told she wouldn’t be able to make a decision on ending her daughter’s life, even if she wanted to, and that it would have to be made by Lewis herself, who is capable of verbally communicating.
Elson said the incident is the most recent example of alleged mistreatment from Labrador-Grenfell Health. In one example, she said, a nurse referred to her daughter as a “frequent flyer” at the hospital — which Elson said was insensitive to say about someone with so many health issues.
“She’s sick. [When] she gets sick, you take her to the hospital,” Elson said. “Whether she’s there 10 times a week or 25 times a day, she’s still a human being.”

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