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Oral sex linked to increase in throat cancers
Stuff.co.nz 7 August 2017
Family First Comment: When sexual promiscuity is promoted and normalised, society then has to try and put safety nets in place – which don’t always work that well. #naturalconsequences
Oral sex is being blamed for growing rates of throat cancers among Kiwi men.
Incidences of cancer of the tonsils and back of the tongue in men has more than doubled in the past 25 years.
The latest figures from the New Zealand Cancer Registry – 2013 – show 96 men and 26 women were diagnosed that year with oropharynx cancers nationwide.
Testing of 108 men treated for throat cancer at Waikato Hospital during a five-year span showed 90 per cent were HPV-related, and an expert says it is fair to say that similar proportions would be reflected nationwide.
The human papillomavirus is regarded as the most common sexually transmitted infection. The virus can cause cancers in both men and women, as well as genital warts.
From January 1, an improved HPV vaccine has been offered free to boys and young men. It has been offered for free to girls and young women since 2008.
The new vaccine protects against nine strains of the virus. The old protected against four.
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