Grandmother guilty of child abuse murder

Grandmother Kathleen Cooper found guilty of murdering grandson
Stuff 15 August 2017
Family First Comment: How can a grandmother commit this sort of crime?!
“Auckland grandmother Kathleen Cooper killed her grandson by throwing him down a hallway.”
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An Auckland grandmother has been found guilty of murder after she killed her grandson by throwing him down a hallway.
Kathleen Cooper, 65, has been on trial for murder at the High Court in Auckland for the past three weeks after killing her two-year-old grandson Jermain Ngawhau in 2015.
Justice Sarah Katz summed up the case on Monday, telling the jurors to find Cooper guilty of murder they had tro conclude when she threw Jermain she knew it would likely cause his death, but did so anyway.
If there was no murderous intent when she threw Jermain, then Cooper was guilty of manslaughter, Katz said.
Deliberations begun just after 10am on Monday, with the verdict handed down about 2pm on Tuesday.
Cooper did not show any emotion when the verdict was read.
Justice Katz remanded Cooper in custody, with a sentencing date set down for early October.
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