Government committee: let people choose gender

Stuff 18 August 2017
A transgender boy is among those celebrating a win for people whose gender does not align with the sex they were assigned at birth.
A Government committee has ruled on the side of gender diversity, saying people should to be able to choose their own gender.
Currently those wanting to change their sex on their birth certificate have to go through a potentially costly court process, and prove they have had medical treatment or gender reassignment surgery.
The Human Rights Commission and other social advocates say this is discriminatory, and have been arguing for a change for more than a decade.
This week, the Government Administration Committee recommended Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne commission a review of the Births, Deaths and Marriages Act with a view to changing it.
This would mean anyone can change the sex details on their birth certificate based on “self-identification” and by filling out a sex declaration form through Internal Affairs.


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