Easter Trading Decision A Win For Christchurch Families

Media Release 24 August 2017
Family First NZ is welcoming Christchurch City Council’s decision to give workers the day off on Easter Sunday, saying that it will benefit families, and tourists will cope.  

“The only people demanding Easter Sunday trading are those who will make money from it. But economic improvement needs to be finely balanced with family and community time. Liberalisation of Easter and Anzac and Christmas day trading laws should be rejected because workers deserve special annual breaks to spend time with their families.,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. 

“Public holidays are traditions. Poll after poll has shown that both parents and children want to spend more time doing family things like picnics and holidays together. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult as the retail industry is required to work almost every day of the year, and shoppers focus on the holiday specials. This is not an issue about choice as has also been argued. For many workers, they don’t have the luxury of choice as to whether they work or not. Coercion to work will be a very real threat,” says Mr McCoskrie. 

“We also know that Christmas, Anzac Day and Good Friday will soon be targeted because there is money to be made.”  

“Tourists will cope. Many countries have public holidays with shops closed, and tourists simply plan around it, accepting it as part of the local culture and identity,” says Mr McCoskrie. 

Christchurch councillors are to be congratulated for voting for families.”


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