NZ's underbelly of forced sex trade involves Kiwis as young as 12, researcher says

Stuff 12 September 2017
Family First Comment: The sad reality – and predicted outcome – of decriminalising prostitution.
When society decriminalises something, they effectively endorse and normalise it. Remember this when marijuana, assisted suicide and abortion are talked about.
One of our favourite quotes is – before you remove a fence, figure out why it was put up in the first place 😊
Prostitution is never a β€˜choice’. It exploits vulnerable people – always.
Girls aged 12 or under are being forced into sex work in New Zealand, according to a Wellington-based researcher.
Natalie Thorburn spoken to dozens of teenaged sex workers for her masters degree in social work at the University of Auckland, and said they told her of their lives on the streets selling sex when they were aged between 12 and 16.
“It was very difficult to hear their stories,” said Thorburn, who is working for Women’s Refuge while completing a PhD.
The rise of sex trafficking had seen teenagers, and in some cases children, become exploited, she said.
“There is a rising demand for the young, developing adolescent as the ultimate sex object.
“But it’s not like there was one club of men going around recruiting girls. It happens in all sorts of situations.”
‘White collar businessmen’ are clients of underage girls forced into sex slavery in NZ suburbs
TVNZ One News 13 September 2017
“For some of them it was their parents who were selling them for drugs. For most of them it was a boyfriend figure, often gang-connected, who would pose as being the love interest and force them to sell sex.”


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