Lizzie Marvelly wants to talk about sex to teenagers online

Stuff 2 October 2017
Family First Comment: Lock up your children!!!
Lizzie is the LAST person you want teaching your children values.
See some of her ideology…

Lizzie Marvelly: It’s her body, it should be her choice

Lizzie Marvelly: The toilet has become the new conservative battleground. It sounds ridiculous, and it is.

and our response
Rachel McKenzie: Toilets are based on biology, not ‘identity’

Lizzie Marvelly wants to talk sex with teenagers.
The online web series The Real Sex Talk is aimed at 13 to 18 year olds, and discusses all things sex, including the effects of porn, masturbation, consent, same sex relationships and transgender people.
It will include embarrassing, funny or insightful stories shared by celebrities, sports stars, radio DJs and actors.lizzie marvelly twitterThe 12 nine-minute web series, produced by Villainesse, a “no bullsh** no filter” website aimed at young people online, was granted $164,554 by NZ On Air, one of nine new programmes to benefit from the broadcasting funding. .
Marvelly, the web series editor and her deputy, Jo Raj, came up with the idea because they felt there was a lack of sex education provided by schools.
Raj said it was not compulsory for schools to teach many aspects of sex education.
“Different schools can choose to omit things based on whether it be religious beliefs or ethical decisions that the school might decide as an individual,” she said.lizzie marvelly twitter 2“We thought we would create something free and online for teenagers to watch and look at.”
The idea follows Marvelly’s popular campaign two years ago, #mybodymyterms, that aimed to highlight sexual violence, revenge porn and victim blaming.
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