Digital devices blamed for creating a generation of 'glow kid' addicts

Stuff 8 October 2017
Family First Comment: Interesting! We actually raised this concern with our report in 2015 – which at the time, the media and the Children’s Commissioner scoffed at. But we’ve been proved right.
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Children who spend too much time on their digital devices are at risk of developing neurological disorders, a high school is warning parents.
While many schools embrace learning through laptops and tablets, Palmerston North Boys’ High School staff penned a letter to parents citing warnings from American psychologist Nicholas Kardaras.
“Exposure to technology is essential for our young men,” the school said in the letter.
“However, it is essential the manner in which they are exposed to this technology is controlled and monitored so that the benefits are not diminished by the proven negatives.”
“There is an increasing amount of clinical research correlating screen time with disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, depression and increased anxiety.”
Kardaras coined the phrase “glow kids” to describe the generation of children and teens growing up immersed in digital technology, and lit by a screen.
Computer games and websites are designed to be appealing and addictive. His findings, based on clinical evidence, shows this addiction could be as harmful to the developing brain as cocaine addiction, but is more difficult to cure.


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