Comparing the policies of Labour, NZ First & Greens on key family issues

We were inundated with messages of thanks when we sent through a summary of where our new political leaders stood personally on key family issues. So we thought it would also be beneficial to compare the official party policies on these issues. The responses are part of our larger Value Your Vote resource, and are based on official responses received from the parties. In some cases, we’ve had to rely on public statements made by party leaders during the election campaign.

Same-sex marriage, abortion, euthanasia, marijuana, anti-smacking law, ‘gender identity’, and others…

As stated when we sent through the earlier comparison, it seems pretty evident that our work – and your voice – are going to be vital over the next few years!

(click on the image to download PDF with full list of policies)

click on image to see full PDF version, with all policies included
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