Light parties gaining popularity as people look to alternatives for Halloween

Stuff 25 October 2017
Family First Comment: Great stuff! Feel free to advertise your Light Party in the comments section 😊
Leave that ghost costume in the cupboard – there’s a new way to mark this coming Halloween.
Instead of trick-or-treating around the streets of Taranaki on October 31, thousands of children and parents will be turning to Light Parties for not-so-spooky fun.
Billed as a “positive alternative to Halloween”, the events are often run by churches and offer games, lollies, food and activities as a way to get children off the streets.
Events are planed for New Plymouth, Waitara, Inglewood, Stratford and Hawera with each one attracting hundreds of children keen to get their lolly fix.
Last year, 1500 children attended the light party at Northpoint Baptist Church in Bell Block and organisers Michelle Pigreguy and Jo Daken said they were preparing for up to 2000 people this year.
“It’s just getting people in a more positive environment than knocking on doors,” Pigreguy said.
The evenings still involve dress-up and costumes, but most parties keep to a rule of no scary costumes or Halloween-themed face painting allowed.

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