Teachers now expected to also be 'counsellors, data analysts': UNESCO report

Sydney Morning Herald 24 October 2017
Family First Comment: “We are picking up a lot of the slack of what I would call under-parenting.” – Principal.
Perhaps it’s time to return to a system that doesn’t undermine and threaten the role of parents in their supervision, education, discipline and right to be notified of what’s happening to their children – rather than the flawed ‘children’s rights’ and ‘state raises the child’ ideology which does more harm than good.
Families first. Empower, equip, and encourage parenting.
Teachers are under increasing pressure to be “counsellors, researchers or data analysts” as well as educators, a new global report has found, amid concerns that parents are expecting schools to pick up their “slack”.
“Pressures on teachers are well documented and appear to be increasing, in part owing to new expectations,” according to the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s latest global education monitoring report, released on Tuesday.
“Beyond instruction and facilitating learning, teachers are asked to be counsellors, researchers or data analysts.”
President of the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council Chris Presland said that expectations being placed on Australian teachers are “now massive”.
“We are picking up a lot of the slack of what I would call under-parenting,” Mr Presland said.
“Parents who are under pressure are turning to schools on [things like] the issue of cyber-usage by students. Obesity is another issue.
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