All Politicians Deserve A ‘Day Of Rest’

Media Release 30 October 2017
Family First NZ says that families of politicians should not be disadvantaged because of demands that may be placed on our MPs. 

“It appears from comments being made by politicians and political commentators over the past fortnight that they are expected to work long hours seven days a week, that their families miss out on quality time with them, and that families ‘get to wave you goodbye’ when given senior portfolios. That is a disturbing expectation that is being placed on our political leaders,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. 

“If we want the best out of our leaders, we also need to recognise that they need rest, recreation, family time and a balanced life just as much as we do. It is completely unrealistic to expect a workload that punishes their families, and that we ourselves would not accept.” 

“We’re aware that a number of MPs have young children including babies. It is vital that Parliament is family-friendly. We owe that to their children.” 

“We would call on political parties and the Parliamentary Services to agree on and put in place safeguards to ensure that families of politicians do not miss out because of the demands or requirements of public office.” 

“Good decision making is made in the absence of overload, burnout and unreasonable expectations.”


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