'She got life, he got 13 years' – Three strikes law may have saved her life

‘She got life, he got 13 years’ – Family of woman killed by gang leader on parole say three strikes law may have saved her life
TVNZ One News 1 November 2017
Family First Comment: Violent offenders who are Repeat offenders need to be imprisoned for the sake of families. Quite simple really. Do the rehabilitation programme there (if they do want it!)
The Government announced today it will scrap the three strikes law which forces judges to impose the maximum sentence on anyone who commits a third violent or serious sexual crime.

Justice Minister Andrew Little says there are better ways to prevent crime.
Eighteen years ago Joanne van Duyven-Booden was shot three times in her sleep by Filthy Few gang president James Wilson who then dumped her body down a bank.
Wilson had racked up over 90 convictions before the murder and was on parole at the time.
Ms van Duyven-Booden’s brother-in-law Brett told TVNZ1’s Seven Sharp the only solace for the family now is “the fact that he’s still in jail”.
“That’s a big help to them because they don’t want him out, obviously. Don’t know what he’s going to do when he gets out.”
For Brett and his family the nightmare continues because Wilson could be back in the community on parole this year.
He said Joanne “got life, but he didn’t, he got 13 years.”
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