Open Letter to the Teacher censured for carrying unruly child to Principal

Melanie Taylor 9 Sep 2017
In response to “Teacher censured for carrying a child
Dear Teacher,

First of all, I would like to say sorry. I am sorry that common sense seems to have packed its bags, and left New Zealand. I understand that you had intervened after a boy was accused of hurting four classmates, and when the boy refused to cooperate and grabbed hold of a bar, you wisely prised his fingers free, grabbed him by the waist with both arms and carried him to the principal.
I am sorry that as a country, we have become so PC, that dumb laws have been implemented to ensure that children are empowered, and those in authority, including parents and teachers, have become disempowered. In fact, I am sorry that much needed discipline seems to have been resigned to having to leave with common sense.
I’m sorry that as a teacher, you can no longer react without now having to consider what ridiculous consequences will be imposed on you. It now means that ironically, those in power who have attempted to create safe school environments, have done the complete opposite. I’m sorry that it’s actually not the 20th century anymore.
I am sorry that your job has stupidly become a high risk one. I’m sorry that more and more children are becoming more uncontrollable. I’m sorry that there is an increasing number of mental health issues in children, and that you are probably also having to be a counsellor due to fallout from the breakdown of the family unit.
Finally, I’d like to thank you. As a parent of young children, I would hope that a teacher would intervene if my child was in danger from another child. Thank you for removing the child so others could continue learning. Thank you for working in a career that is becoming ever increasingly difficult. Thank you for doing what you did! I’m sorry it came at any sort of cost!
Kind regards,
Mrs Taylor
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