CONFUSION: Girls School with 7 male students – ignoring biological reality

‘We are another sex’ – school welcomes transgender students
Stuff 12 November 2017
Family First Comment: Biology lessons must be interesting!
“Epsom Girls Grammar School also has gender-neutral uniforms and bathrooms, and both teachers and students are expected to use preferred pronouns.”
Disturbing that gender confusion is promoted at the school. What do they do with students who believe they’re fat and are anorexic?
When Ryan Baker first walked through the gates at Epsom Girls Grammar School, he had no idea he would discover a warm, welcoming transgender support group.
At 7 years old, the Auckland boy felt like a drag queen each time his parents made him wear a dress.
In primary school, Ryan, still Rhiannon, was called a “tomboy” – wearing superhero shirts, playing contact sports, and with waist-length sandy brown hair always tied up.
Rhiannon didn’t know why, but would get distressed when primary school teachers would say things like “boys verse girls” or “let the girls have a turn”.
It was in intermediate school, when Rhiannon hit puberty, that she realised she was “different” to other girls.
It didn’t matter what people thought they saw when they looked at her, Rhiannon knew she “was nothing along the lines of a girl” and began to stop identifying with her birth gender.
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