BSA says it’s fine to swear on air because it’s expected – Duh!

Jono and Ben allowed to use swear words, because their listeners expect it: BSA
Stuff 18 November 2017
Family First Comment: If you want proof of why the BSA are a joke, read this sentence from their recent decision…
“However, the authority didn’t open the doors for everyone to start swearing on-air.”
Tui Billboard there.
The Broadcasting Standards Authority has said it is fine for comedians Jono and Ben to call their opposition “the w….. channel”.
The Edge Radio hosts made the comment in August, offending at least one listener who made a complaint to the authority. She argued the term was “inappropriate” and should not have been broadcast as children were likely listening.
According to a BSA commissioned survey, “w…..” was the 14th most offensive term in New Zealand. The survey found 29 per cent of Kiwis thought the word was “totally unacceptable”, slightly fewer (21 per cent) thought it was always acceptable and the rest said it depended on the scenario.
The owner of The Edge and Three, MediaWorks said it was fine for its hosts to use the word because they were joking. The authority agreed.
In a statement, the authority said listeners would expect that sort of language from Jono Pryor and Ben Boyce.
However, the authority didn’t open the doors for everyone to start swearing on-air. The decision took into account Pryor’s characteristics, which it said meant people were less likely to be offended than if a more conservative broadcaster used the term.

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