THIS CASE is why we supported the ‘Three Strikes’ Law

Man beat girlfriend to death over texts to ex
Stuff 27 March 2018
Five months after walking free from jail, Dylyn Davis killed his girlfriend.
He beat her to a bloody pulp in the garage of a Hamilton home, enraged that she had sent text messages to a former partner saying she felt unsafe.
Then he walked away, leaving Aroha Kerehoma lying battered and motionless on the floor of the Dominion Rd garage where they lived in Nawton, Hamilton.
Stuff has learned that Davis was released from central North Island’s Rangipo Prison on August 12, 2017 after serving a two years and four and a half month sentence for aggravated robbery.
He was subject to special conditions for six months following that date.
In July 2011 he was jailed for two years for a raft of charges, stemming from incidents on the night of November 26, 2010.
On that night a drunk Davis, armed with a hockey stick, smashed three windows of the Path-lab building in Urlich Ave, Melville, before setting his sights on a dairy owner who was locking up his shop nearby.
Davis walked toward him and lit the spray from an aerosol can, causing a large flame he then directed towards the dairy owner’s face.The flame came inches away from the victim’s face.
At his sentencing then-Crown prosecutor Sheila Cameron said Davis had told police that he did it for fun.
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