Christchurch residents still facing problems with prostitutes working in suburbia

Stuff 11 April 2018
Christchurch residents still have prostitutes working outside their St Albans homes, five months after the city council decided against introducing a bylaw to curb the activity.
The number of sex workers on the corner of Manchester and Purchas streets, a block north of Bealey Ave, has reduced, but residents are still being woken by cars tooting and loud disputes over payment in the early hours of the morning.
The Christchurch City Council decided in November last year to form a collaborative community working group to support the relocation of street-based sex workers away from homes north of Bealey Ave.
A report, discussed at the council’s regulatory performance committee meeting on Wednesday, said all the street-based sex workers had relocated north of Bealey Ave to south of Bealey Ave, apart from one or two workers who would not budge, despite being encouraged to do so by the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective (NZPC) and other support workers.
Matt Bonis, a spokesman for residents living near the corner of Manchester and Purchas streets, said it was incorrect to state the number of sex workers had decreased to one recidivist because there were three or four that regularly turned up, including one in the past three weeks who was there at 3.30pm on a week day.
He said the number of sex workers had decreased, as had the nights they were present, but residents in the area were still waking to noise associated with the workers. However, there tended to be only one sex worker on the corner at a time, so the yelling across the street had reduced, he said.
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