How a boy not eating his lunch led to a child abuse complaint

Auckland parent attempts to take school to court over camp helper
Stuff 8 May 2018
Family First Comment: This is how crazy things can get when we create a culture of fear around parents simply…… parenting!!
A row over a 9-year-old boy who didn’t eat his school lunch has led to an attempted court injunction, a boycott of a school camp and a social media protest campaign.
The improbable series of events started in February when a father picked up his son, 9, from a West Auckland school.
The boy hadn’t eaten his lunch, so his dad told him he could not have afternoon tea.
Tears ensued and a fellow parent then intervened, accusing the dad of abusing his child.
The other man laid a complaint with Oranga Tamariki. The child welfare agency followed up, but decided there was no cause for any action.

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