Is 'Sex Work' Pro-Woman?

American Thinker 1 June 2018
Family First Comment: Of course not. The evidence is overwhelming that it’s not
“Sex work” advocates promote prostitution as a legitimate occupational choice for women.  Leftist activists equate sex work with workers’ and women’s rights.  The recent SESTA legislation (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act), which strikes at the demand aspect of human-trafficking, has become a rallying point for those on the left who argue that the legislation is “controversial.”  According to the left, sex work is inherently pro-woman; it is “moral and should be legalized.”
Those countries that have tried decriminalization or legalization of prostitution also provide a more realistic picture of what happens.  Any time demand exceeds supply, the result is sex-trafficking.  There are simply not enough girls who willingly choose or are blindly duped into “sex work” as a profession.  Amsterdam found that 80 percent of the prostituted girls and women were there by force.  Germany found that 60 percent were foreigners, and Spain discovered that foreigners made up 80 percent of the girls and women, with many of those identified as victims coerced by the gangs and organized crime.
Everywhere decriminalization and legalization have been tried, they have failed because the women do not want or the pimps won’t allow them to perform the “safety” measures that are supposed to protect them.  They don’t register because they don’t want to be labeled.  Records indicate that they don’t show up for the regular health checks.  Most importantly, the customers – the johns – are willing to pay extra for sex without a condom and other “unsafe” practices.  One john bluntly stated the reality of “sex work.”  He said, “Men pay to get what they want; they go to prostitutes because ‘real women’ won’t put up with their demands.”
As to the tax revenue income that supposedly is a prime benefit of decriminalization and/or legalization?  The pimps and prostituted women find ways to avoid paying the taxes necessary for regulation.  Germany found that legalization did not increase tax revenues.  Mafias and criminal networks don’t pay taxes.  Worse, legalization increases the number of illegal brothels.  In Australia, after legalization, the illegal brothels increased by 300 percent, pulling thousands of vulnerable women into prostitution and increasing HIV cases by 91 percent in two years!  Amsterdam closed one third of its legal brothels because organized crime moved in and illegal brothels thrived outside town, winning the competition with the legal brothels.  In the Netherlands, legalization and decriminalization are considered a “failed experiment.”
Those who have actually studied anti-trafficking research or talked to survivors know what happens in the real world; “sex work” is not even close to the reality that the vast majority of prostituted women experience.  It’s time for real men to know the truth about the industry and for boys to be taught that it is never okay to “use” a woman as a sex object.  As long as proponents give the industry the pseudo-sophisticated status and stamp of legitimacy conveyed by calling it “sex work,” sexual slavery will continue to be a blight on our humanity and a heinous threat to vulnerable girls and women around the world.



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