Immigration Minister voices "extreme concern" over allegations of sex trafficking

Immigration New Zealand deports migrants engaging in illegal sex work
Stuff 6 June 2018
Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says he’s “extremely concerned by the numerous allegations of sex trafficking”, as Immigration New Zealand (INZ) deports dozens of illegal sex workers.

During the past three years, INZ has servedĀ deportation liability notices to 38 peopleĀ on temporary visas who were found to be engaging in sex work.

Of those 38, 27 have been deported or have left voluntarily, while the other 11 are awaiting an outcome on their case.

The deportations and warnings come as the Government continues to make migrant worker exploitation a priority, but the Prostitutes Collective says the law barring people on temporary visas from engaging in sex work is discriminatory, and deportation is stigmatising.

Lees-Galloway said he was worried about sex trafficking and sex worker exploitation, and had asked INZ to give him regular updates on its work in the area.
“It’s a matter that Immigration New Zealand takes very seriously and I’m satisfied they’re making good efforts to stamp out these practices.

“Eliminating the exploitation of migrants is one of my top priorities.


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