Prostitutes reject NZPC as representative organisation of sex workers

NZ sex workers write open letter to Government asking for a Minister of Prostitution
NZ Herald 11 June 2018
New Zealand sex workers have written an open letter to the Government asking for the election of a Minister of Prostitution.

The letter also rejects the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective (NZPC) as the representative organisation of sex workers here, and attacks the collective’s support for illegal sex workers.

The letter by Hamilton sex worker Lisa Lewis carries 25 other names, including male escort Connor Green, Dunedin escort Dahlia Cypher and supporters.

In an unlikely alliance, the letter was written with the help of Family First.

Bob McCoskrie, Family First national director, said they shared a common ground in agreeing that NZPC shouldn’t be getting government funding.

The collective gets $1,099,944 excluding GST annually through the Ministry of Health for funding of services to sex workers, including those unlawfully in New Zealand.

Family First is highly critical of the Prostitution Reform Act and is calling for a Nordic model for the law.

“Banning of street prostitution, prosecution of the buyer, while helping women and men out of the industry,” McCoskrie explained.

McCoskrie however did not put his name on the open letter.


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