US students and parents outraged after transgender teen sprinter breaks record

NZ Herald 13 June 2018
Family First Comment: One of the sports coaches said “I think a lot of people, myself included, have a problem with … a biological male competing. When they put the state law in effect, my interpretation is it wasn’t made for high school sports. I think it was meant for all people — whether transgender, bisexual, gay — are treated fairly. I totally agree with that, but with sports it’s not a level playing field.”
Of course.
A Connecticut high school sophomore dominated in last week’s track and field competition – but the transgender teen’s big win has some people outraged and wondering if it’s fair she was allowed to compete.

Terry Miller, who was born a male but identifies as a female, came in first place twice during the June 4 CIAC State Open track and field competition. During the 100m dash, Miller smoked her competition, finishing the race in just 11.72 seconds. She also killed it in the 200m dash finishing in 24.17 seconds, the Daily Mail reports.

The Bulkeley High School teen, who competed on the boys’ team during the winter indoor track season, set new state records last Monday in both races, the CT Post reports.

Fellow transgender sprinter, Andraya Yearwood, also dominated at the competition finishing in second place in the 100m dash.
Last year, Yearwood came in first in both the 100 and 200m dashes at the Class M state track and field championship. She competed in the races last year before undergoing hormone treatments.

It’s not clear if Yearwood or Miller underwent treatments before competing in this year’s competition.

Some of the girls’ competitors were angry they were allowed to compete on the women’s team.

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