Man has sex change to become a woman, goes back to being a man

RadioLive 4 July 2018
Los Angeles man Walt Heyer was 42-years-old when he decided to undergo gender reassignment surgery to become a woman.
But just eight years later, he reverted back to being a man saying it had been a ‘destructive process’ on his life.
Mr Heyer travels extensively to share his story at conferences, churches and universities, and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows in the US and Canada.
This week, Mr Heyer is in New Zealand with Family First NZ as keynote speaker at the annual Forum on the Family.
He joined RadioLIVE’s Mark Sainsbury to discuss his passion to help others who regret gender change.
Walt’s story can be read in his autobiography, A Transgender’s Faith. His other books include Paper Genders and Gender, Lies and Suicide.
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