Controversial nude dating show Naked Attraction is back on TV

Stuff 12 July 2018
Family First Comment: You have been warned. Free-to-air TV can not go any lower. And partly funded by the taxpayer!! 

Controversial reality show Naked Attraction is set for another airing on TVNZ 2.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority received 13 complaints about the first two episodes of the show’s first season when it aired in 2017.

None of those complaints were fully upheld but the BSA did warn TVNZ Naked Attraction required a stronger warning.

The new season of the show, which begins on Friday, will air a warning at the end of every ad break. It will screen at 9.30pm and carry and Adults Only (AO) rating.
In its decision earlier this year, the BSA found Naked Attraction was acceptable to broadcast at 9.30pm, but took TVNZ to task for warning viewers only about the show’s nudity and not its sexual nature.

That decision was attacked by conservative Christian lobby group Family First, which had previously opposed Naked Attraction.

Family First director Bob McCoskrie said the group had been “swamped” with complaints about the show.

“Naked Attraction is saturated with full-frontal nudity. The show degrades human relationships to animalistic instinct, and promotes voyeurism and a porn culture which is harming our society. It is shocking that a state broadcaster is trying to outdo sites like PornHub and porn magazines,” he said.

Contacted for comment on Thursday, McCoskrie said he stood by those earlier comments.

Family First also wrote to broadcasting minister Claire Curran asking for the show to be removed from TVNZ. Curran said she was unable to intervene in TV networks’ programming decisions.

In its letter, Family First pointed out that the nudity in Naked Attraction was not “an occasional glimpse”. “According to a review of the first show of series, the episode included a total of 282 shots of male genitalia and 96 female – an average of almost six penises and two vaginas every minute!” the letter said.

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