TVNZ brings back Naked Attraction during school holidays, to the dismay of parents

Stuff 14 July 2018
Family First Comment: The ‘TVNZ Spokeswoman’ probably doesn’t have young children! If she does, she should know (and do) better. 

It has returned. The oft confronting and much complained about British dating show, Naked Attraction, arrived on TVNZ 2 on Friday night for a second season … just in time for the school holidays.

And, TVNZ’s timing has been questioned. An Auckland mother wants to know why the broadcaster decided to air the first episode of Naked Attraction season two during the school holidays, at a time she says many children will have been awake.

When it first premiered in New Zealand, the Broadcasting Standards Authority received 19 complaints about the show. The Authority ruled the content was suitable for broadcast, if it carried proper warnings.

On Friday night, the programme started at 9.30pm and ran for an hour.
The show featured close-up shots of genitalia, filming six naked participants who were vying for a date.

TVNZ defended its programming choices, saying the show aired with suitable and “robust” content warnings. It aired with an adults only label.

Conservative lobby group Family First attacked the BSA ruling and TVNZ programming decision. It said the show degraded human relationships and promoted “porn culture”.

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