Tell The Advertisers – Boycott “Naked Attraction”

Here’s the list of businesses that had advertisements during the atrocious “Naked Attraction” on TV2 last Friday (during the school holidays!)

To be fair, some of them may not have specifically asked to have their ads placed during this terrible programme. Please let them know that you won’t be a customer until they notify you that they have asked for their adverts to no longer be shown during this programme.

KFC – Bed R Us – –  Panasonic – Lemsip – Finish –  Strepsils Plus  

UPDATE: Great response from Lighting Direct
“ On Friday 13 July at 21.40 a spot for Lighting Direct did inadvertently play in Naked Attraction on TV2. Our media buyer informs us this spot played out as “ network bonus / filler “ and did not form part of our paid advertising presence with the TV Network last week. We have since made clear instructions and process and set specific buying parameters in place to ensure we can and will be more selective and specify what programming we will not accept bonus placements moving forward. We apologize for this occurrence “

Great response from Carpet Court

Thank you for your message and this has been brought to our attention. We agree that this is not a family friendly programme and our advertisement wasn’t scheduled for this time slot, unfortunately it was placed as bonus time. We have advised our media agency that we do not want our ads to run during this show again.

Amd from Warehouse Stationery

Thank you for your email regarding our advertising playing during Naked Attraction on TV2. I have contacted our Marketing Team and they have advised that we have previously instructed our media agency NOT to place in this programme. We are in the process of transitioning to a new agency and unfortunately this transition period resulted in some of our ads being placed in this show. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have now ensured that our new provider is clear on our expectations. Any ads placed in the future are in the process of being removed and the show has been blacklisted to ensure we don’t have any placements going forward. 

and from Electrolux

Thanks for your message and for bringing this to our attention. We very much agree with you and will be ensuring with our media partners that the commercial appears during more appropriate programs.

And from Foodstuffs (Pak’n Save & New World)

We appreciate your concern. At the time media was booked the programming was undetermined. We are looking into how we can revisit media plans more regularly, and have asked the networks to keep us abreast of any changes so that we may review our placements. For now, our adverts have been removed from any planned placements within Naked Attraction.

and from Kitchen Things

Thank you so much for your concern. From time to time we receive bonus spots from the TV networks. Unfortunately, we are not aware of the programming for these spots. We agree entirely that this show is not a good fit for our brand and family values and we have instructed our media buying agency to ensure the TV network does not run unplanned advertising during this show or anything like it. Your comments seem to be working as they seemed to be filling spots however they can during this time slot. We have spoken sternly with our media buyers and will ensure this won’t happen again. Thank you again for coming to us with your concerns,


Please let us know if you hear back from other businesses.


We note that your company had advertisement/s during the broadcast of “Naked Attraction” last Friday night on TVNZ2.

This show is not occasional glimpses or a one-off shots. According to a review of the first show of series, one episode included a total of 282 shots of male genitalia and 96 female genitalia. It is shocking that the state broadcaster is trying to outdo sites like PornHub and porn magazines. It’s easy to see why Playboy magazine is going out of business. Teenagers can simply view adult pornographic material on free-to-air television. The show degrades human relationships to animalistic instinct, and promotes voyeurism and a porn culture which is harming our society. It has no redeeming factor.

Could you please tell us how you reconcile “Naked Attraction” with the values of your company?

As you well know, TV programmes rely on advertising support. If advertisers withdraw their advertisements from damaging programmes like “Naked Attraction”, such programmes won’t be aired. Eventually they won’t be made.

It may be that your company did not intentionally place your ads during this programme. We would simply ask you to please withdraw your company’s advertising from “Naked Attraction“.  We, and everyone else we can influence, will not be customers in the meantime.

Thank you for your consideration.

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