Advertisers withdrawing from TVNZ's Naked Attraction

Stuff 19 July 2018
Family First Comment: Businesses start responding to ‘the people’ – (and not a ‘complaint from Family First’ as suggested by Foodstuffs!!) 

Businesses have withdrawn advertising from TVNZ 2 during controversial dating show Naked Attraction.

The show, which airs at 9.30pm on Friday, sees people choose someone to date based solely on their naked body. The pair then share a date in the nude, in front of the show’s cameras.

Lobby group Family First said in a press release that Lighting Direct, Carpet Court, Warehouse Stationery, Foodstuffs, Electrolux and Kitchen Things have all withdrawn advertising.

A spokesperson for Carpet Court confirmed their withdrawal, saying: “We have advised TVNZ that Carpet Court advertising should not air within this show in the future, and have asked for clarification as to how this regrettable decision was made without consulting us first.”

Acknowledging that they’d received a high volume of complaints following the ads, they clarified that “Any adverts played were placed by TVNZ as bonus time without our knowledge.”
Foodstuffs confirmed it also had put its ads on hold during Naked Attraction after two complaints from what it thought were concerned customers, but later turned out to be Family First.

“We would have preferred Family First approached us in a professional manner to discuss the issue, and we would ask that they consult us in future if they want to reference our brands in their press releases,” a spokeswoman Antoinette Laird said.

Family First national director Bob McCoskrie​ first started the #BoycottNakedAttraction campaign during season one, where he Fonterra, Lotto, Emirates and The Warehouse Group agreed to remove advertising during the show’s timeslot.

McCoskrie says the swiftness of which business’ have abandoned the show has been mirrored this time round.

“Within a couple of hours, six companies had said immediately, ‘No we don’t want to be associated with it’ and told their media managers to remove it.”

A spokeswoman for TVNZ said the broadcaster will “respect advertisers right to decide what’s best for them”.

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