Forum On The Family 2018: Wendy Francis

Wendy Francis is the director of the Centre for Human Dignity in Australia. CHD was launched in 2017 to fight pornography and the sexual exploitation of women and girls. She is a recognised Australian spokesperson for the rights of children and women and an effective campaigner against sexual exploitation in all its forms. In 2010 Wendy commenced a movement “Outdoor Advertising Should Be G Rated“, contributing to various inquiries and to laws being introduced to stop offensive messaging on Australian roads. Wendy is a Director and Board Member of Samaritans Purse Australia, and a board member of Vision Media Australia and the Queensland Alliance for Kids. Wendy has travelled to countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh and Cambodia to oversee projects which seek to rescue women and children from sex slavery and also provide literacy projects amongst rural women.

Topic: An End To Sexual Exploitation – Pornography, Sexualisation, Prostitution

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