Man changes gender on ID to get cheaper car insurance (Canada)

‘Getting screwed over’: Man changes gender on ID to get cheaper car insurance
NZ Herald 30 July 2018
Family First Comment: “According to multiple car insurance companies from New Zealand, Australia and Canada, gender is one-factor insurers consider when calculating premiums as well as driver age, location and previous driving record. He says he’s saved about $100 per month.”
Superb. And if you ‘identify’ as a child (which has and does happen) you qualify for the child rate at the buffet, hot pools and movies.
We live in confusing times!
A 23-year-old driver has legally changed his gender so he could significantly reduce his car insurance premium.

The Canadian man, who is identified as David, was fed up with paying extraordinary prices so decided to alter the gender on his birth certificate and driver’s license.

He told CBC News he’s saved more than $1,100 to date since making the change.

“I’m a man, 100 per cent. Legally, I’m a woman,” David said

“I did it for cheaper car insurance. I didn’t feel like getting screwed over anymore.

“It was pretty simple. I just basically asked for it and told (the doctor) that I identify as a woman, or I’d like to identify as a woman, and he wrote me the letter I wanted.”

He sent the letter off to the government registration department and within three weeks he received a new birth certificate indicating his gender as female.

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