Hundreds of students disciplined for sexual misconduct and harassment each year

Stuff 2 August 2018
Family First Comment: Golly Gee. Who would have ever thought that this would happen
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Society reaps what it sows in the minds of children.

Hundreds of schoolchildren are being disciplined for sexual harassment and misconduct each year.

Sexual behaviour intervention service STOP Trust had seen a “steady increase” in sexualised behaviour among children, ranging from sexually explicit comments to inappropriate touching or more severe transgressions, team leader Suzanne Alliston said.

She attributed the rise to ease of access to pornography and other graphic material – “we’re certainly see children at a younger age engaging in sexualised behaviour of concern” – for children as young as pre-school age.

The reasons behind those behaviours were complex, Alliston said.

Fewer than 50 per cent of STOP’s young clients had suffered sexual abuse or other trauma in their past.

“Mostly, [it’s about] not being able to manage difficult feelings or not being able to make friends. It’s not about having a sexual motivation. It’s about a lewd behaviour being a way to get attention or make a connection with people.

“Children are very responsive to clear guidance from adults when you can get everyone on the same page, giving the same message without anger.”

Ministry of Education data shows more than 300 children a year were stood down, suspended, excluded, or expelled from school for sexual harassment and sexual misconduct in 2016 and 2017.

The figures exclude incidents where the student was not stood down, and criminal behaviour, which is referred to police.

The number of disciplinary actions related to sexual misconduct in particular grew steadily over the last five years to more than 200 in 2017.

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