"I think (Naked Attraction) is revolting" – The Spinoff

When you go to The Spinoff left-wing blog site, you just may be reading ‘fake news’ – as it was when they misrepresented Family First last year, and were criticised by members of the Press Council.
But they decided to recently do a review of the awful programme “Naked Attraction” which more and more companies are rightly boycotting.
The reviewer Alex Casey asked us for an interview, but knowing the integrity of this site (or should we say, lack of it), we declined. We knew it would be a hatchet job.
But here’s the best bit. The reviewer interviewed her mum who just happens to be Auckland councillor Cathy Casey (who we have actually stood beside previously battling together against the porn parade ‘Boobs on Bikes’.)
And these were her comments after watching an episode

“I think it’s revolting. Passing judgement on the way you look – it’s against everything I’ve stood for. It’s not about the way you look in this life. It’s about your intellect, your emotions, and who you are as a person. It’s not about what you look like.”

Thank you Cathy.
(The silly episode is below – but be warned – it shows high levels of objectionable and offensive material.)  No wonder the ratings on this programme have tanked!

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