Foreigners illegally employed in brothels in NZ

Immigration sting finds 38 foreigners illegally employed as sex workers across New Zealand
TVNZ One News 31 July 2019
Family First Comment: “most of the suburban owner-operated brothels entered by compliance officers had migrants working there….”
“Anti-trafficking organisation The Préscha Initiative’s Rebekah Armstrong said determining whether exploitation has occurred takes time in order to build trust, and research needs to have a human rights and victim-centred approach. There are power dynamics at play with victims/potential victims of exploitation and many reasons why they would not openly disclose information to Government/Immigration NZ.”

An Immigration New Zealand investigation into illegal prostitution has found visitors are working in breach of their visas around the country, and are getting help to enter New Zealand.
Immigration New Zealand compliance and border operations assistant general manager Peter Devoy said most of the suburban owner-operated brothels entered by compliance officers had migrants working there.
“There are facilitators who are arranging their travel to New Zealand, arranging the obtaining of visitor visas and that certainly advanced our understanding of what’s going on and we will feed that back into our border workers to better target people who might be coming through the border to enter this industry,” Mr Devoy said.
Compliance officers entered 45 businesses where they suspected unlawful activity in cities nationwide in October and November last year.
They found 38 temporary visa holders working as prostitutes in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin, the majority in Christchurch and Auckland.
All but one of the workers were Chinese nationals.

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